Quality counts ?

I just got home tonight when the phone rang, long story short, an aunt is visiting tomorrow and told me in no uncertain terms that she would like some images of my daughter. No problem you are all thinking … No time to use our pro lab and embarasingly no recent images on hand, next best thing is to print myself … no ink left in printer. So, a few days before xmas, off to the shops we go to get ink, but worst case (always have a back up plan) take some images on a memory stick and use a high street photo booth (sorry Jim, I am desperate at this stage !). You guessed it, no ink and I find myself in the local high street print booth, inserting USB memory stick. First problem, two of my images are square and no square print option, no problem I think, they will just have a white border that I can cut off later. They are using a Fuji print lab, same as our pro lab, how bad can they be ? Heck, they are also way cheaper, could be on to a winner here …
After much wrestling with the touchscreen I got the order in then waited the hour for processing, paid my dues and got my images, job done ?
Of course not or I would not be typing this ! (anyone still awake ? Anyone still reading this 🙂 )
Images were terrible, “colour corrected” rendering my poor wee girls skin a nice orange, for some reason they had zoomed the image, cutting the top and bottom of the heads off and remember those two square prints – they had not been left with a border but had been stretched, warping reality ! So it will be no surprise that they are in the bin and I am making a special trip to our pro lab tomorrow. So what is the point of this rant Kev, I can hear you all say…
Well, for a trial period, we will open up our pro lab to you, our public. For our standard print costs, send us your files, we will digitally manipulate them to the best we can, resize and touch up where necessary, then order the prints and have them delivered direct to you. Are they more expensive than the high street ? Of course they are but we really do believe that you will see the difference. To that extent, we will offer you all your money back if you are not satisfied with one of our prints. There is no minimum order quantity however a £5 delivery charge will apply per order, Sample prices :-
9×6 inch – £5 each
10×8 inch – £7 each
A4 or 12×8 inch – £10 each
A choice of lustre or gloss finish is available.
Files can be emailed to us, any questions or queries can also be mailed to us, at :-
Its time to turn the tables on the high street, printing, like photography is a passion and an art, not a mass produced consumer item.
Anyway, I need my beauty sleep as I have images to get printed tomorrow 🙂
Merry xmas to everyone when it comes … do those captured moments justice !

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