One thing you cannot get away from in photography is money, no more so when lens envy takes hold. Lenses are far and away the most expensive items for the serious photographer, but once bought they will last for decades if looked after. This point is proven by todays purchase, a Nikon AF 85mm F1.8D. This lens is over ten years old but a thing of beauty, constructed solely from metal where we would normally now use plastic, rock solid and built like a tank. Let me introduce the wee chap …

Nikon 85mm F1.8D




Wide open

Images above taken with the Nikon modern day bargain buy, the brilliant 35mm F1.8G, plastic but tack sharp. The “new” 85mm has some obvious signs of wear on the rubber grip on the focusing ring but look at those crystal clear optics 🙂 So how does it perform …

Lovely and sharp at F4


Wide open at F1.8

 Just a couple of quick snaps but loving it so far. Ideal focal length to make a great portrait lens, all set for this years wedding season 🙂 The lesson here is to not overlook older, used glass. You can save some money, get a great lens and also have an investment, these old quality lenses are sought after  and never lose money. A sound investment.




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