Landscape or Portrait ?

Landscape portrait
There are many rules taught to us with regards photography. These rules can be hugely helpful in creating visually pleasing images but we should always ask “what if ?”. What would it look like if we broke the rule ?
The word portrait has to be one of the longest established and well known rules, our printer asks if we want portrait or landscape orientation.
We have been experimenting with our dance school photography, throwing in the odd close up shot, taken in landscape format rather then traditional full length portrait format. These have been received well and have become a photologue “style”. We like the image being framed on a third giving the subject the room to look out of the image, this effect would be difficult to achieve in portrait page format.
So we tried breaking the rule and we like it and more importantly our clients like it. So that just leaves the hardest question … what do we call it ?
Is it a landscape portrait ?, a portrait in landscape ?, or even a portscape ?
Answers on a postmail !

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