Print is king

Natures majesty

Had a conversation the other day that gave me some faith in old-fashioned photography values. As mentioned in previous blog, when setting up the website, we had to benchmark several print houses to ensure we were getting the best Quality and consistency of print. During this process, I of course amassed some prints. It was a great joy seeing some of our shots in print, so much better than looking at them on a TV or monitor. This led to the stock section on the website, trying to remind people to get photos printed and get them on the wall. In today’s society where everything is shot digitally on phones and pocket cameras then shared electrical through Facebook etc, it takes a conscious effort to actually get a nice print, frame it and put it on the wall. That is my challenge to you today, take a favourite shot, get it printed nice and large from a good print lab, tear down the IKEA mas produced rubbish and replace it with your own image. I guarantee you will not look back. The person I referred to at this start of this blog would certainly concur and now has a 30 x 20 inch image taking pride of place on his wall.

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