Bonnie Scotland ?

I often wonder and even feel sorry for all the tourists spending their hard-earned holidays over here, wrapped up in fifteen layers seduced by the not so subtle tartan touts in the tourist shops. Why would they want to spend hard-earned cash coming to our miserable, wet dreary country when they could be lying on a hot beach with a cold drink. That’s the thinking for the majority of the time but then the big man gives us a well-earned break with a wee bit of sunshine, all of a sudden the postcard Scotland comes to life. Yesterday was one such day, we had a pre – wedding meeting on and island in the Lake of Monteith, although the wind would still cut you in two, the sun was shining. Under the guise of location scouting, we enjoyed a great days shooting, can’t wait for the big day and please bless us with the sun again ! Sometimes you really can mix business and pleasure 🙂

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